Twenty five kilometers away from Kalpetta lays two caves which showcases nature’s skill and philosophy on architecture. These caves are located 1,200 m above the sea level on Ambukutty Mala. The name ‘Edakkal’ literally means ‘a stone in between’. Here you can see a cave formed by a heavy boulder straddling a fissure in the...
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Kuruva Dweep or Kuruva Island is a protected river delta, comprising a cluster of islands over the middle of Kabini River in Wayanad. Spread over 950 acres of land, Kuruva Island is densely populated with rich flora and fauna. The geographical peculiarity of this island makes this place evergreen with a serene ambience. Dwelling deep...
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The beautiful freshwater lake in Wayanad, Pookode Lake lays 15 kilometre away from Kalpetta. Nestled between evergreen forest and Western Ghats, the lake is spread over 13 acre and is 40 m deep. This is one of the most preferred tourist destinations in Wayanad. While reaching at this gorgeous lake, you will be experiencing a...
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1. Black Pepper 2. Black tea granules 3. Cardamon 4. Green Pepper 5. Cinnamon 6. Cloves 7. Wayanad Green Tea 8. Wayanad Black Tea 9. Wayanad Coffee Powder 10. Jackfruit chips & Pappad 11. Tapioca Chips 12. Banana Chips
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