Wayanad, the panoramic hill of malabar in the northern Kerala, situated above the sea level ranges between 700 meters to 2100 meters, is a homeland of various tribal communities.They can be prominently classified into Paniyas, Adiyas, Kattunayakans, Kurichiyans,Kurumas,Ooralis, Uraali Kurumas etc. The Paniyas A vast majority of tribes in Kerala state hail from the...
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1. Experience the thrill while Zip Lining This activity happens in an area that is 36 km from Meppadi – Chooralmala in Wayanad. You can reach here by private or shared vehicle effortlessly and the correct area will be unveiled directly in the wake of booking affirmation. 2. Walkthrough the tea estates in Wayanad Take...
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Marriage, a divine relation that binds not just two families or individuals, but also two souls with an eternal bond for a lifetime!
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